Routsis Confirms Mack Will Withdraw Plea

There is developing news on the Darren Mack case. Thursday KOLO broke the story that Mack was hiring a new criminal attorney: William Routsis.

We spoke with Routsis on the telephone this evening, and he confirms that Mack will be asking to withdraw the plea deal made earlier this month.

"This plea was made under great duress. And it was thrown on him in a very short period of time. And I will reserve the specific facts at an appropriate time, but I think they are quite compelling."

Prosecuting Attorney Christopher Lalli has reportedly made comments stating Darren Mack will not be successful in withdrawing his plea. On that topic Routsis says, "What's concerning is (Lalli) has no information concerning that the plea was freely given because he's not privy to what happened between Mr. Mack and his attorneys."