Democrats Respond

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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is sounding off about his hopes for the next four years. He's calling for bi-partisanship.
Senator Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader "It is my sincerest hope that today will usher in a new beginning in Washington - that the partisan rancor and squabbling will now give way to a spirit of bipartisanship. "
Northern Nevada Democrats say today was a mixed blessing because they're excited to celebrate the American democratic system, but they're still disappointed over the outcome of the election.
Chris Wicker from the Washoe Co. Democratic Party
Wicker: "We certainly wish the President well, but we certainly hope he changes tact...go at it their way or the highway.
Wicker says the President's speech was full of lofty goals.
But he was critical, saying you have to look past the rhetoric to the *actions* of the administration.