Scolari's Supermarkets Ordered To "Pay Up"

Two Scolari's Supermarkets in Yerrington and Fernley yesterday were forced to surrender all of their cash after a Lyon County judge ordered the company to "pay up" in connection to a personal injury lawsuit.

Store officials say the whole matter is a misunderstanding.

A store spokesman said it's attorney did miss a filing deadline with the court in regards to the case.

He added the company was shocked to learn about the judge's order to send Lyon County Sheriff deputies to confiscate thousands in the stores' cash.

The incident forced the Yerrington store close down for about 20 minutes while the Fernley store was able to stay open.

A sheriff's captain with the Lyon County Sheriff's Department said deputies are called on to do this sort of thing from time to time.

But confiscating all the money at two major grocery stores was a new experience.

Meantime, Scolari's says they are sorting out the legal matter and that it has no bearing on the company's 19-store operation.