Water Pollution Control Proposals Sought

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) is seeking proposals for funding of projects and programs that will reduce nonpoint source water pollution within the state.

Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution is polluted runoff resulting from water washing over the land, whether from rain, private car washing or the watering of crops or lawns.

Along the way, the runoff picks up an array of contaminants, including oil and sediment from roadways, agricultural chemicals from farmland, and nutrients and toxic materials from urban and suburban areas.

The polluted runoff eventually finds its way into the state’s waterways, either directly or through storm drain collection systems.

Although some progress in controlling nonpoint source pollution has been made in recent years, it continues to be the primary cause of water quality impairments throughout Nevada and the nation.

“Nonpoint source pollution is a major issue for those of us concerned about Nevada’s water quality,” said Kathy Sertic, chief of NDEP’s Bureau of Water Quality Planning.

“We want to identify and fund projects within the state that will help address this serious, but often overlooked, source of water pollution.”

Proposals selected will be awarded federal funds available under Section 319(h) of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA), and will be administered by the NDEP’s Nonpoint Source Program.

Proposals will be accepted for consideration until January 25, 2008, and must follow the guidelines for application as delineated in the Request for Proposals (RFP), which is available for download at www.ndep.nv.gov.

Approximately $750,000 in federal grant funding is available. State and local governments as well as nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply.

Questions about the RFP or eligibility for funding may be addressed to Birgit Widegren at 775-687-9550 or via email at bwidegren@ndep.nv.gov.