Unfair Fight

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The 76 year old victim didn't want to give us his name, but he bore the wounds of a serious fight.... a fight that started as he was watching television in his living room.
The weapon she was wielding was a wrench...apparently taken from his own garage. The man had just withdrawn $350 dollars from the bank, and she grabbed his wallet as they struggled for it, through the blood and the blows he saw an unfamiliar face and dark red hair.
Thsi victim says he grabbed her by that hair, tryign to protect him himself and fight back. He says lost the fight, but retrieved his wallet. It took 5 staples to close his scalp wound.
Secret Witness has posted a $15 hundred dollar reward for information leading to her arrest and prosecution.
If caught, she faces a variety of charges including robbery, burglary and battery with a deadly weapon with elderly enhancement. If you have any information about the robbery you can call Secret Witness at 322-4900.