NHP Wants You

Nevada State Flag
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Since 1949, the Department of Public Safety has been there to protect Nevadans.
But...over the years, it's been losing people.
Recruits are leaving for Metro and Henderson police departments, as soon as they finish the 23-week academy. To make up for the loss, D-P-S needs to fill ninety-seven positions as soon as possible.
They need two highway patrol captains, 50 troopers, 25 parole and probation officers, six capitol police officers, three criminal investigators, two deputy state fire marshals, and one deputy chief for parole and probation
The Nevada Highway Patrol is pulling out all stops to get these positions filled. Troopers are using their patrol cars as billboards...and posters are plastered at local offices. The department is even offiering pizza parties...to the top five employees who bring in the most applications. If you'd like to apply call 1-866-NHP-JOBS, or head to our links page