Reno Council Appoints Members to Joint Task Force on Government Funding

The Reno City Council appointed 13 members Wednesday to a new joint task force with the City of Sparks, to oversee an analysis of government funding in the Truckee Meadows.

The Fairness in Reno Sparks Taxes (FIRST) Blue Ribbon Task Force will work with Muni-Financial, a consultant currently conducting a study of the state's tax structure.

One component of this analysis will be to determine which services are genuinely "regional," and should be supported evenly across all jurisdictions.

The goal of the Blue Ribbon Task Force is to establish short and long-term financial strategies for local governments in Northern Nevada.

The Reno City Council has said they want to ensure that residents get the services they need, and pay for the services they receive.

The following people were appointed Wednesday to the FIRST Blue Ribbon Task Force:

Elaine Alexander
Otys Banks
Robert Bayer
Bernard Carter
Buzz Harris
Barton Jacka
Brett Kandt
Maureen Kilkenny
Luther Mack
Till Schuster
Dick Scott
Jess Traver
Steve Trounday

For more information about the FIRST project, a joint effort between the Cities of Reno and Sparks, visit