Patriot Act Creates Unique Alliances

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Though there is a common thread. There's a lot in the Patriot Act.....and a lot that worries a lot of different kinds of people. With the Bush Administration signaling it wants to renew some of its most controversial provisions. The protests are getting louder, even in 'red states' like Nevada.
You might expect the ACLU in this fight...but they have plenty of company. A coalition called the Nevada Campaign to Defeat the Patriot Act, has grown up around the cause, and on their website the list of oreganizations and individuals who've signed on spans the political spectrum....Republicans and Democrats...Gay rights and Sagebrush Rebellion advocates...the Green and the American Independent parties. You might not expect to find anti-Patriot Act literature at the conservative Nevada Eagle Forum or...for that matter.... find them standing with the ACLU. They are.