Don't Be Tempted To Park In Fire Lanes During Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping crowds usually mean there is an increase in the number of vehicles parked near stores and in shopping center and mall parking lots.

As parking areas become crowded some drivers may be tempted to park in fire lanes or in front of fire hydrants.

However, the Reno Fire Department is warning holiday shoppers to keep red zones clear to allow fire engines, rescue units and other emergency responders areas in which to operate in the event of an emergency.

Reno Fire Marshal Bill Burney says, 'When someone parks in a red fire lane, even for a few minutes, it can mean a delay in medical treatment for someone having a heart attack or stroke, or hampered operations for firefighters trying to extinguish a blaze quickly.'

'Fire lanes are clearly marked with red paint and signs around the city and in shopping areas,' says Burney who suggests Reno area residents use public transportation as an alternative to the frustration of trying to find a parking place in busy locations and being tempted to park in a red fire lane.

'Public transportation is certainly a more convenient and less expensive option than having your vehicle towed and facing a fine of $75.00 for parking in a fire lane, or $250.00 for blocking a fire hydrant.'

For information about fire safety during the holidays and throughout the year, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau of the Reno Fire Department at (775) 334-2300.