Waiting For The Plow To Come

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With the storms apparently over for the time being...local road crews finally began work on neighborhood streets today. But frustrated residents are still asking when THEIR street will be cleared.
And for any particular street it's hard to give an answer.
For what seems weeks now, Truckee Meadows residents have watched the snow pile up. Each new storm adding to the snow pack in the street outside the door and our frustration as we struggled to get to work or the store.
Storms came and went and sightings of snow plows were as rare as robins in the neighborhoods where most of us live. If we saw one, it was keeping the major streets cleared or worse, making our neighbor's street one block over at least passable.. Finally today a break....and a promise it might finally been our turn.
We've been hearing local streets are cleared according to a plan. It turns out it resembles a tree. The trunk are the main roads. They get taken care of first. Then the branches, arterials, collector streets, school bus routes. Problem is most of us live out here in the twigs.
And every time it snowed again, the process starts over....with the trunk....the main roads. The break in the weather means we're finally getting out into the twigs. But these residential streets present their own challenges. The snow has to go somewhere. When a plow passes it goes into a berm.
Eddie Shaw was removing the impressive berm in front of his driveway this morning. He didn't mind.
But the station wagon in front of his house and a lot of others out there hasn't moved since the first big storm. Now it looks as if it can't until spring. But if residents can get vehicles off the streets it will help.