The Holiday Hiring Season Has Begun

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It might not yet be time to trim the tree in your household, but for retailers, the holiday season has already begun when it comes to sales and hiring. Here at the newly opened Kohl's in South Reno, they'll be hiring 30 people for the season...increasing their workforce by 20%.

"We're looking for anyone. There aren't any specific qualifications. If you're flexible and you need something to do, come down and apply," says Jen Medlock, a Kohl's Sales Supervisor.

And about 800,000 Americans will do just that, according to the National Retail Federation.

To stay competitive in the job market, the sooner you apply with a store is always better. The choice positions go first. Don't be afraid to submit numerous applications at different'll increase your chances of getting hired. Try to apply in person versus over the internet or by mail. If you don't know where to look, try your favorite store...already knowing the merchandise can help an employer choose you over someone else.

Typically, holiday jobs won't provide full time hours or benefits. And they might pay minimum wage, but then again, many stores don't require prior retail experience or any special skills. So many of them are just trying to keep up with the holiday rush.

"I'm sure we're expecting a lot more business. It's going to pick up. But we've been pretty steady this whole time that we've been open. So we're just expecting a lot more people," says Medlock.

Retailers are often the first places we think about for holiday hiring, but keep in mind other types of businesses.

For examples, call centers process more phone orders during the holidays and often need help. Here in Reno, some of the companies working with tourists and travel will be looking for people. And the security and transportation industries always beef up their staffs this time of year as well.

And it's always possible that the best gift you get for the holidays is for your temporary holiday job to turn into a permanent one.