New Truck Stop for West Reno?

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The Reno City Council will hold a public hearing on whether restrictions should be placed on where truck stops can be located. A truck stop has been proposed to be built at I-80 and Robb Drive. The hearing has been set for 6 p.m. at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center Wednesday.

"This is a residential area and it would be nice to keep it a residential area," Gina Battle, who lives near Robb Drive, said.

The city says the Flying J truck stop will be close to the interchange, allowing truckers quick on and off access. But some say additional trucks, means additional traffic.

"It would bring more of the traffic off of the freeway and into the neighborhoods so to say and we don't really need that," Battle said.

According to a city staff report, studies of traffic and noise would have to be conducted. But some say the location is too close to homes, and isn't right for the neighborhood.

"We already have a lot of areas around here that aren't filled up a lot of shopping centers that... aren't leased out and I don't think it's necessary that it needs to be right off the freeway in people's backyards," Ruthie Thompson, a resident of the area, said.

A public hearing will also be held for people to discuss a controversial condo project for the South Meadows. The Boulevard South towers have been criticized for being too tall and not appropriate for the neighborhood. Some South Meadows residents are also concerned about increased traffic.