No Cracks About It

City of Reno Public Works Crews are diligently working to maintain the life of area streets by filling in cracks.

Over the next few weeks, motorists will see sealant applied to the
cracks on many neighborhood streets.

It is all part of a comprehensive, long term plan designed at maintaining our City streets.

The crack sealing treatment is done during the winter months when the weather is cold so the cracks are at their widest and when the cold can help the hot rubber material to set up in place.

The crack seal material is applied with a wand and a squeegee and is used to fill in the cracks to prevent moisture from working its way underneath and weakening the overall condition of the pavement.

The crack sealing treatment lasts approximately five years.

The City uses a computer-based pavement management system to rate the condition of a street.

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) ranges from 0 for the worst pavement to 100 for a street in perfect condition.

The City performs crack sealing on streets that range from 90 PCI to
approximately 45 PCI.

Weather permitting, this year alone the City plans on applying sealant to approximately 6-14 million square feet of pavement within Reno.

Crack seal treatment is one of the most cost effective asset management tools for pavement management.

It helps keep our high quality streets operating at their full potential and is effective for keeping streets in the high PCI range.

To schedule a time to view crews applying the crack sealant, please
contact Michele Anderson at 785-5855.

For more information about the City of Reno's street rehabilitation program, the methods used, and a map of the 2007 preventative maintenance program visit