Reno's Response

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This is a sight we've seen a lot in the past week. A motorist stranded in the deep snow, neighbors suddenly appear to help out. The crew is supplemented by two of Reno's finest who stopped, parked their black and white and added their muscle to the job. This is how a lot of us have been coping...and getting around.... by helping each other. The weather, the like of which we haven't seen in decades....has simply overwhelmed the city's resources.
The city has had its own crews and equipment working around the clock, but it hasn't been enough. Private contractors have been called in to help in places like Raleigh Heights. There's no place to put the snow here, so it's being scooped up and hauled away. Instead of digging the railroad trench, this truck is hauling snow, to the Reno Sports Complex above Rancho San Rafael. The parking lot here is serving as a huge snow dump. All this is helping, but at a cost. Of the $600-thousand dollars, spent thus far on snow removal. $250-thousand has gone to hire outside help. In spite of that effort and expense, if you live on a street like this you may still have some questions.
So, the mayor has tapped local companies to help out. He's also declared a state of emergency, and eventually that could help cover some of the costs. But with much of the expense and effort going to keep major thoroughfares cleared, a lot of residential streets will continue to look like this. The city and its residents will do the best they can.