Residents Want Answers

Within minutes of downtown Reno...the main arteries like Plumas and Arlington are clear, but take a right or left, and you'll most likely hit headache lane. This woman didn't want to talk to me on camera...obviously she was too busy trying to get her two wheel drive truck out the of middle of the road on Marsh Avenue. She says her husband got the four wheel drive today. But even vehicles with that equipment had a rough time negotiating this road.
Tara Hamilton, owner of "The Attic" has been shoveling out her parking lot and seen it all. "I think the thing that bugs me the most is you might see a plow go down Arlington. and its been well maintained, But they have their blade up and I don't know where they are going cause they sure are not plowing on a street that needs it."
Tara says she's lost business because of the road situation....and she knows others in this area have as well. Residents we talked to say they haven't seen a city plow here since the first big snow on New Year's Eve.
While some homeowners say they are happy with the decrease in traffic flow, they also know it means they too can't easily get out of their neighborhood.
Here at Marsh and St. Lawrence the mail delivery van is parked at the top of the hill...with the mailwoman walking her route. Take a look at the compact at the bottom of St Lawrence and there's no question why she chose her own way of delivery. Surprisingly, many of the sidewalks and clear and passable...that duty was left up to the residents in the area. But those same residents are wondering tonight, we held up our end of the bargain, pay taxes, why can't the city hold up its end?