Garbage Collection

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Some people in the Truckee Meadows haven't fully been able to ring in the new year...there are still reminders of 2004 sitting on the curb.
The last time would be before Christmas. If they don't pick it up Friday, it will be 3 weeks. With the storms interrupting collection, Waste Management's plan of attack is to continue service on peoples' regularly scheduled days.
So for the folks on Andrew Lane, if garbage isn't collected this Friday, they'll just have to wait another whole week.
Greg Martinelli, Waste Management's General Manager for the Nevada area, says his crews fall behind by 7500 homes every day...and that they're completely dependent on the city and county's plows to make the garbage accessible.
Some irate customers are demanding money back for missed service. But Martinelli says they will not grant any refunds because the same amount of garbage is still getting picked, if a bit late.
We're still experiencing the same costs, the same expenses. They go on. So we're not providing credits as a matter of practice for people because of the weather. I've got no more control over the weather than they do.