Mobile Foreclosure Centers

If you had asked many of these people a couple of years ago...if they'd be here today, they'd probably say no.

For many the opportunity to gain financing and buy a home was the American dream. But those dreams have turned into a nightmare. An adjustable mortgage, an downturn in the economy...or in Wes's case, a sickness in the family may mean losing a home he's lived in for 15-years.

"Due to mis-representation. We got the loan any way but we were led on. So it was a situation we were desperate to pay for medical bills along with everything else, just regular living."

Its estimated 50-percent of all bankruptcies filed in this country are because of medical bills....and bankruptcy is a real possibility for Wes and his wife tonight. The couple says they learned about the workshop, spear headed by u-s senator Harry Reid, and came to find out if they have any options. The foreclosure Mobile resource centers aren't just stopping in Reno.

Tomorrow, the center will be in Minden, then Elko, Las Vegas, and then Parumph. Representatives from Housing and Urban Development Credit Counseling Services, Wells Fargo, Countrywide, Freddie Mack and Mortgage Bankers are on hand to help answer questions and provide guidance to people just like Wes who are looking for light at the end of the tunnel instead of drowning in a sea of debt.