Protecting Your Landscape

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Now's probably your last chance to protect those trees and plants outside your home.
With the winter storm fast approaching, Moana Nursery is making house calls to help residents with their landscape.

Experts say if don't want to do a lot of removal.
If not frozen, try to get some of the snow off by using an upwards motion.
You don't want to push down causing the limbs to snap.
Also, pruning your trees can decrease potential break-up.
Selectively remove the limbs that aren't needed for the tree itself.
The best way is to look for a branch collar...and then cut next to the main stem.
Once your plants and trees are free from snowfall...experts say bind them with string or nursery tape.
Push the limbs back as far as you can, starting from the bottom up.
You should re-bind every two years.
With more fragile plants, let the icicles and snow melt off.
Moana Nursery says you can do all of these preventative measures by yourself.
You would only need to call them...if you're older or disabled.
Or, the trees that need trimming are too tall to handle.