Black Friday Hits The Truckee Meadows

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Black Friday can be make or break for retailers and is arguably the single most important time of the entire year.

But this year's edition was the first for a new shopping center in Spanish Springs and businesses tried to make the most of the holiday chaos.

April Haymond and her mother Dorothy opened the "Candlelight and Roses" store at the shopping center in September.

"I didn't know what to expect," says April. "But it went really well."

Haymond says nothing could properly prepare her for the big day.

"It was actually pretty entertaining," says April. "No angry shoppers. Everybody seems pretty happy and mellow so far."

The big crowds are bringing in their share of chaos, but with it comes lots of money. April says the rush was at least 80-percent larger than normal and even the doorbuster crowds that waited outside electronic stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack came in for a glance.

"There has been quite a few people in here. I don't know how many, but we just had a ton of people in here today."

Haymond caught up on entertaining stories about the holiday craze when she wasn't busy helping customers find red roses and salt city candles.

"It's always fun," says Haymond. "Especially when you own the store. You talk to them and find out how their day is going."

That's not to say the day didn't take its toll. Like many other sales clerks and merchants, Haymond knows the holiday rush is just getting started.