Place at the Table

Walk into the Evans home in Northwest Reno, and the table is immaculately set. Isabel Evans points to the head of the table.

" We have even set a place for him:

Isabel says this Thanksgiving will be different in many ways. Her husband Dave won't be celebrating with the family for the first time since they were married 17-years ago. As a consequence she says she's assigned different duties to other family members this Thanksgiving Day.

She's preparing salad, and is baking additional turkey legs......she's set the table....and lit the candles. She says her husband's absence will be missed.

" He is always such a great presence when we get together."

Capt Evans is the commanding officer of the seventy-second military police unit of the Nevada National Guard. He joined the army after graduating from Hug High and his mom says has loved serving his country ever since.

Isabel says it was always understood Dave might be headed to Iraq. the notice came in October. One picture Isabel shares with us is shot of the captain and his daughter Neli just before he left for his recent assignment.

" It was really hard, I have been in denial I think since we heard the rumors that there was a possibility, and I was like no .Every little thing I was holding on to. That is not going to happen because of this, that is not going to happen because of that. And then all of a sudden when the orders came, I was real. So its been really hard. You just have to keep going and do the best you can."