Deadly Sparks Fire

The fire seemed pretty unspectacular at the Waterford Apartment on Tuesday night. That was until Sparks firemen arrived and fund a 72-year old woman dead just five feet from the front door..
Chief Bill Finley from Sparks Fire Departmen says the discovery told its own story.

" Indicating she was probably in bed, bedroom, fire started in bed linens and mattress and something work her up, something gave her the indication she needed to head for the door and she got almost to the front door."

Finley says the autopsy performed today shows the victim died of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. There were several things that contributed to this fire Finley says, the woman smoked in bed, there was no operating smoke detector in her apartment, and while there was smoke coming from the wasn't much and neighbors didn't realize there was a problem-

"She was trying to crawl to get oxygen and that's just...that's frightening." that was the reaction of Wendy a neighbor in the apartment complex.

The news hit Wendy particularly hard today...she lives in the same complex, didn't know the victim, but felt the circumstances were incredibly sad.

" You know she was trying to crawl and it just...its so sad, its sick you know somebody wasn't there for her."

The victim's name has not yet been released pending notification of her family members.