Verdi Development Battle Near End

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The way is now clear for developers to apply for permits to build as many as three thousand new homes in the Verdi area.
A judicial ruling has settled what may be the last issue in a long legal battle that started with Reno's annexation of property next to the rural community.
The county was concerned about the impacts of that development, specifically traffic and water.
The county said the planning commission had failed to consider those impacts. Judge Hardesty who has final say on regional planning issues...said those impacts fit the settlement agreement.
The argument was made at the beginning of this battle that Verdi was a community with its own history and rural character made of up of long time residents and those who had moved there to escape urban life. That lifestyle was suddenly threatened by the annexation. Verdi was not included in that action, but it brought Reno literally to their backyard.
Of course, Verdi already has some high density housing. River Oak was approved and built long ago. The fear is the annexation will bring a lot more, as many as three thousand more homes.
Reno mayor Bob Cashell says he's seen no plans, but when they come, he says he'll be looking for larger lots, open space and will have Verdi residents' concerns in mind.
Developers are expected to begin submitting plans in this next year. There are still serious doubts among residents here about increased traffic and the impact on ground water reserves....and some are not happy about the outcome....most we've talked with though are long since change. They just hope their worst fears aren't realized.