Apartment Fire Leaves Two Families Homeless

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A frightening morning for residents in a South Reno apartment complex.
A fire this morning forced them to flee for their lilves.
Investigators now say it may have been arson.
Two apartments burned in the blaze and there's no way anyone can live in the upstairs or downstairs apartment.
Also, firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof of an apartment next door.
Managers, of the complex, are helping three families tonight with places to stay.
The sound of fire alarms...woke up dozens of residents from the Redfield Ridge Apartments in South Reno.
Smoke was seen billowing from the roof, as two apartments had caught on fire.
Kacy Warren says she banged on several doors to get someone to call 9-1-1.
In one of the upstairs apartment, Valery Southwick was fast asleep.
At only 14-years old, Valery had the presence of mind to jump from the top floor to safety...about 15 feet.
Unfortunately, the for the woman in the downstairs apartment, her dog died from smoke inhalation.
She wasn't home at the time.
Firefighters say a quick response saved others from the burning building.
Both apartments are completely gutted.
The Southwick's moved to the complex a year ago next month.
They're left with nothing.