Ski Resorts Making Snow

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Tuesday night the temperature in the Sierra dipped low enough for manufacturing snow at ski resorts.

At Boreal, 15 to 20 snow-making machines were hard at work all night.
It's hoped this run for beginners and intermediate skiers will be open by noon Wednesday, if not sooner -- Just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend.

"We've always been open for Thanksgiving and we're always the first open in Northern California," Shaydar Edelmann with Boreal said.

The Somers family is gearing up.
They come to the Sierra frequently from Fairview, California, and they say it's the first time in a long time they've been met by snow.

"They've been ready for a while, they've been ready for months," Chris Somers said of his sons.

"We have a house up here we come up every weekend, and we came up two weeks ago but there was no snow, so I'm ready," one of the kids said.

The kids are excited and so are the businesses.
Porters Sports says it's been slow the last couple weeks, but die-hard fans have still been stocking up on the newest items.

And the opportunity to use that new equipment is almost at hand.
The snow machines were cranked up at Mt. Rose Tuesday night.
And at Boreal, the goal was six to 10 inches overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.