Foreclosure Workshops

Most of foreclosures in Nevada are happening in Las Vegas.
But Senator Harry Reid says if it happens to you its traumatic for everyone.

" Foreclosure is a personal issue between the person that has the loan and the lender. No one benefits with foreclosure. The person the homeowner doesn't benefit, the lender doesn't benefit. The entity where the home was built loses. Everybody loses. So it is to everyone's advantage to try and solve the problem."

Its estimated in Las Vegas, one in every 48-homes is in foreclosure. The Reno Sparks area doesn't rank in the top one-hundred cities for foreclosure rates, still the Mobile Resource Center hopes to help Northern Nevadans in need. Homeowners can speak to lenders and there will be one-on-one counseling sessions. Those sessions will be with consumer credit affiliates of Nevada. Such credit counselors are rarer these days and that's unfortunate Reid says.

" The federal government, the Bush administration has cut down on money to these non-profit, counseling entities people come in and try to to help them work through their financial problems. They've been cut by 75-percent so that's why we are doing this."

While these workshops won't remove Nevada and its rating for high foreclosures here, When it comes to Reid, a recent poll shows those residents surveyed don't rate the senator very high. The Mason Dixon Poll says Senator Reid gets a 51-percent unfavorable rating from those surveyed. Reid calls the Poll a joke, and says his research shows the exact opposite. I asked if the workshops were one way to appease constituents.

Senator Reid's response. " No, not really. The reason I did that is because it's the right thing to do."