In Major Policy Speech, Obama Announces Plan to Provide All Americans with a World-Class Education

Senator Barack Obama today announced his comprehensive plan to provide a world-class education for all Americans in a major policy address, “Our Kids, Our Future,” at Manchester Central High School in Manchester, NH.

At a time when our schools have been shortchanged by the underfunding of “No Child Left Behind,” Obama called for a new era of mutual responsibility in education where parents, teachers, leaders in Washington, and citizens all across the country come together for the sake of our children’s success.

Obama’s plan will provide every American child the chance to receive the best education our country has to offer from the moment they are born to the day they graduate college.

In addition to demanding excellence in education, the plan calls for providing the pay and resources that America’s educators deserve.

Obama, who has fought for improving education his entire public life - first as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago and then through his work as a state Senator and U.S. Senator – discussed how, as President, he will make a real commitment to education and break free from the same debates that have preoccupied Washington for decades.

Senator Obama was introduced at the event by Jane LaCasse, a former New Hampshire Teacher of the Year with more than three decades of education experience that currently supervises student teachers for the undergraduate program at Plymouth State University.

Barack Obama’s comprehensive plan to provide a world-class education for all Americans will:

1) Reform No Child Left Behind.
2) Ensure access to high-quality early childhood education programs and child care opportunities so children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
3) Work to place effective teachers in every classroom in America, especially those in high-poverty, high-minority areas.
4) Reward effective teachers for taking on challenging assignments and helping children succeed.
5) Support highly-effective principals and school leaders.
6) Make science and math education a national priority.
7) Reduce the high school dropout rate by focusing on proven methods to improve student achievement and enhance graduation and higher education opportunities.
8) Close the achievement gap and invest in what works.
9) Empower parents to raise healthy and successful children by taking a greater role in their child’s education at home and at school.