Nevada Government Agencies Told to Plan For 8 Percent Cuts

Gov. Gibbons is now telling many Nevada state agencies to revise their 5 percent budget cut plans upward to 8 percent - a move that would reduce their spending by nearly $282 million.

Budget Director Andrew Clinger circulated a memo saying the increase in the reduction plans are needed based on revised projections of a revenue shortfall in the current two-year budget cycle, which runs until mid-2009.

The move by the Republican governor was criticized by Democratic
Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, who said there are better options
than across-the-board "cookie cutter" reductions to help cope with the looming shortfall.

Clinger said the request for cut plans doesn't mean that's what will happen.

He said some agencies could end up with 8 percent reductions but others wouldn't have to cut as much.

A final decision on the plans is expected in early January.

He adds that Gibbons is looking at some of the options suggested by Buckley, such as a delay in government construction projects.