Ron Paul Wraps Up Nevada Swing

For Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, campaigning in Nevada is like preaching to the choir.

His frank talk about cutting back government services is an easy fit in a state with a strong libertarian streak, and his push to pull troops out of Iraq make him unique among the Republican field.

Paul drew large crowds on Monday in southern Nevada, where 1,000
people attended an afternoon rally at the University of Nevada, Las

Later Monday, he drew about 600 people to an event in Pahrump, about 60 miles outside Las Vegas.

He wrapped up a two-day swing through Nevada with a similar rally in Reno and a stop in Carson City.

His campaign, considered a long-shot, got a huge boost on Nov. 5, when a grass roots fundraising effort raised more than $4 million, setting a one-day, online GOP fundraising record.