Some Cartoons Too Violent For Kids

What are your kids watching? Does Sesame Street hang out in your living room a lot, or is it something more violent like Power Rangers? It makes a difference to your kids.

This study -- which will appear in the journal "Pediatrics" -- shows every hour per day that your little kids under 3 watch something violent -- that's supposedly made for kids -- that doubles their risk of attention problems five years later. And, the study broke things down into boys versus girls. It shows that boys are affected by violent cartoons more than girls.

And, as parents know, boys like different shows than girls. Reno Pediatrician Dr. Steve Althoff says, "A violent TV show for girls listed as Bambi. Violent show for boys: "Power Rangers" or "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

And, while the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests no TV for kids under 2, Dr. Althoff realizes that's just not realistic. And, he says more important than the kinds of TV your kids are watching... is how they watch it.

"If you asked me if it's better to watch Gilligan's Island or Baby Einstein...I'd say better to watch Gilligan's Island with them on your lap than to watch Baby Einstein alone."

And, overall the worst thing parents can do is use the TV as a babysitter. He says the first step in less TV: make sure your kids watch in the living room, it's a monitored environment and much better than having it in the bedroom.