Trim The Fat: The Final Step In Weight Loss

With nearly one-third of U-S adults obese and another third overweight,
Many are turning to drastic gastric bypass surgery to lose pounds.
While the surgery isn't for everyone, it has proven to be very effective.
But this may not be the last procedure these patients ever have.
Imagine losing more than half of your body weight.
Its a radical move that at least a part of your body will find tough to accomodate, especially the skin.
That's why some patients will chose to "Trim the Fat."
This was Jodi Kirchhefer about one year after her gastric bypass surgery. Positive and energetic, she barely looked like her previous self. An unhappy woman at three-hundred-65 pounds and taking more than 30-medications for health problems associated with her weight. She rarely left home and admits to being spit on when she did.
With financial help of her mom, Jodi opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery.
Nearly a year later, this is what Jodi looks like two-hundred-12 pounds lighter. She works with patients trying to get insurance approval for the surgery. Surgery Jodi admits was lifesaving...but life is not completely perfect.
Jodi says, " A lot of us think when I lose all the weight everything is going to be perfect. And it has been I'm not complaining about that at all. But then there are the issues of excess skin and the health issues that go along with that."
Gastric Bypass patients are one reason body contouring procedures have increased one-hundred-27-percent in the last year.
Jodi is brave enough to show us her arms..
And even braver to show us her midsection. And this is her midsection. Those aren't her breasts. Its sagging skin unable to spring back after so many years of carrying excess weight.
While there is a cosmetic purpose to the procedure...there can also be health consequences to this excess skin, infection can develop between the folds causing irritation.
Back pain is also a problem. Dr. Dahan says in the past when patients lost weight without surgery, insurance companies were more inclined to pay for skin removal, now with more and more gastric bypass procedure being removal surgery is more likely to be paid for by the patient themselves.
Tomorrow we'll take you to that surgery, and show you what a difference it can make.