TMCC Animator

Ask Brian Wells to draw something from "the Simpsons" he could probably do it blindfolded...
He worked on the series for two years and help collaborate on the Emmy Award winning episode "Homer's Phobia"

" It was pretty exciting to tell my family and friends that I was working on" The Simpsons"

His and many people's dream job, But it was long in coming, after a stint with the marines, the navy, advanced degrees he says he felt liberated through his drawings.

" I felt that my compressed spring uncompressed quickly. A lot of feelings came flowing forward."

After "The Simpson's" We;;s became an assistant director with "Ren and Stimpy" another animated program. But he believed he could successfully combine his passion for animation and his need for a simplier life.

These days you'll find Wells teaching Print and Web Design Class at Truckee Meadows Community College. He tries to "draw" pun intended......the creativity in his students, but there is one thing the students will have to cultivate themselves which Wells says will bring them closer to their dreams.

" If the person comes with that passion, they have to do this, they need to communicate their ideas and thoughts and then I can teach them the gimmicks, the tricks, the techniques, then the world is their oyster."