Fire Destroys Sparks Family Home

Sparks House FIre
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Two days before Christmas a Sparks family of seven had their lights up, and their presents under the tree.
Now, they have to find a new home after fire destroyed their home.
The Ojeda family had lived here for about seven years.
It's the house the children grew up in and, the children's children.
Lilianna Ojeda was asleep, along with her sister and two children when she started to smell smoke, and heard glass breaking.
"I just ran to my sister and got her," Lilianna said. "We didn't care where we were going. We just got out."
Firefighters saw flames coming out of the front bedroom, and bursting through the front door.
Investigators believe the fire started in the brother's bedroom...and then spread quickly throughout the three-bedroom house.
most of the bedrooms are pretty well charred. The rest of the house has a lot of smoke damage. the only thing that was saved was the garage.
Everything else is a total loss...including the Christmas tree and all of the presents.
After the fire, the Red Cross brought by some early presents, stuffed animals donated by Disney.
But, the Ojeda's are still going to need food, clothing, diapers, and formula.
The holiday season is supposed to be about being with loved ones, and getting new things.
Not trying to sift through what's left of a lifetime of memories.
If you want like to help the Ojeda family in its time of need.
You can call them at 378-2725.
Or, the Red Cross is accepting donations at its Sierra Nevada Chapter on Corporate Boulevard in Reno.