Holiday Travel At Record Levels

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Nevada is getting ready for a record-setting holiday.
More than a half-million Nevadans are planning to travel.
There are several reasons we're expecting to set a record.
It's partly the explosive growth of our state.
There are more of us living in Nevada now, so it's only natural there are more of us to travel.
Americans are feeling safer three years after the terror attacks of 9-11.
Airfares are down compared to earlier in the year.
And some of it is because Christmas and New Year's day both fall on a weekend this year.
And we found a lot of people getting an early start.
In fact, it may be about the fourth busiest travel day of the year.
Airport officials say things have been going pretty smoothly, despite all that traffic.
Gasoline prices are also lower than they were ealier in the year.
The Triple-A estimates 84 percent of Nevada travelers are using the roadways.
And, once again, extra time can help make the trip safer.
Geeser says another thing to keep in mind is to pack emergency gear...just in case something goes wrong.