Nevada Teachers Group Pushing Higher Casino Taxes

A teachers group is moving ahead with its ballot initiative calling for higher taxes on Nevada's biggest casinos to get more money for the state's K-12 school system.

The Nevada State Education Association is filing its initiative with the secretary of state. The filing enables the group to start collecting at least 58,628 signatures needed by May 20 to get on the ballot.

The proposal would add another 3 percent tax on gambling revenues collected by casinos that gross more than $1 million a month.

It would raise the taxes for such clubs to 9.75 percent, and generate more than $200 million a year.

The proposal would have to win voter approval in the 2008 and 2010 elections before it could take effect.

The plan has been challenged by Bill Bible, head of the Nevada Gaming Association, who said it will reduce investments in the state's huge gambling industry, along with jobs that are created as a result of that investment.