Hauntings At the Brothel?

Ghost Stories
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If you visit the Moonlight Bunny Ranch...you will see legalized prostitution and quite possibly something you didn't expect...a visit from a ghost.
Some of the working girls insist the brothel has one...maybe even two...
{***TAKE ANIM***}
You decide...in our final series of stories we call, Silver State Hauntings.

You would expect the working girls at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch have pretty much seen it all...but there's something they say goes on down this hall and in this VIP room that freaks them out.
You won't find it on the menu--but the girls say you'll find sex and quite possibly a ghost in here.
Brothel Owner Dennis Hof has heard all the stories.
Dennis Hof, the brothel owner told a reporter, "Yes I do believe there is something. It doesn't happen anywhere else and there are lots of rooms at the ranch. This is the room where you hear all the stories.
Publicity stunt or ghost? That's what the producers of the Sci-Fi Channel Show, Proof Positive hoped to determine.
They did their own investigation.
They polygraphed this working girl because of her amazing story. They also polygraphed Dennis Hof.
But you can measure one final observation...The room's temperature...
Even though we're talking about a brothel...we can report this is one room that could definitely use more heat.