Crime Spree Ended?

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It's taken five years, but Reno police say they have a man in custody responsible for terrorizing law enforcement, citizens, and even the district attorney.
Detectives had been hot on his trail, ever since he left Reno last week.
Police found a gun they believe was used in the March 2000 shooting of a janitor on Kietzke Lane.
They also have information...linking Rosales to more than a hundred crimes, mostly anti law enforcement graffiti in the Reno area. Reno Police Chief Jim Weston says he may also be connected with several fire bombings and jewish temples in Reno. Those cases could bring federal charges. The F-B-I is looking into possible domestic terrorism.
Washoe County District Attonrey, Dick Gammick says Rosales called him at least once at his home and office. The last time they spoke was a week ago. Gammick says Rosales never carried out his threats. But, police say he recently shot into seven houses while people were inside.
That was the last crimes they say he committed...and all they've been able to charge him with so far.