De-Stressing From Holiday Shipping

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If you're still up to your ears in gifts to buy and it's stressing you out, you might find some relief...while you shop.
You can find a few ways to relax at Meadowood Mall.
The mall seems like an unlikely place to wind down because
Christmas shopping can be taxing..
But.. a quick stop at just the right store.. and holiday stress can literally be washed away.:
Reno Aqua Massage is in Meadowood Mall.. between Lane Bryant and The Spot.
You lie down.. the machine closes in around the body.. and you enjoy a full body massage.. without getting undressed.
No time for a lay down massage?
Brookstone has several massage chairs on display that can help you relax in a pinch.
They're here to test.. or to buy.
There's a basic model.. that will run you about 7-hundred dollars.. and a couple of upgraded versions.
Some describe the Real Pro Massage Chair as just as good as going to a massage therapist.
But.. at close to 35-hundred dollars.. this massager is certainly not for every budget.
Reno Aqua Massages go for a dollar a minute.
You can buy 10, 15 or 20 minutes worth.