Escaped Jail Inmates Captured in Remote Nevada County

Authorities say three inmates who escaped from the Esmeralda County Jail are back in custody.

Joseph Modrall, 23, David Vandurden, 40, and Joanne Windham, 34, were arrested around 6 P.M. Sunday after they returned to a stolen truck they had abandoned near Silver Peak, the Nevada Highway Patrol said.

Esmeralda County sheriff's deputies and the patrol had located the truck earlier and staked it out in case the inmates came back.

"The inmates were captured when they tried to get back into the truck," Trooper Scott Simon said.

"They did not resist arrest and now they are back in the Esmeralda County Jail facing charges of battery on a police officer."

Authorities said the inmates overpowered a jail employee Saturday night and fled. The employee was not injured.