Edwards Playing Catchup In Nevada

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Fresh off Thursdays debate, John Edwards rolled into the Biggest Little City, for a town hall at Hug High School. It was one of many steps the former Senator hopes will strengthen his support in the Silver State.

A recent poll shows Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite among more than half of Nevada Democrats. Edwards finds himself in third place with a meager 11 percent.

Hundreds of Edwards supporters and undecided voters filled the school's auditorium, Sunday afternoon. Edwards spoke for half an hour about issues ranging from health care to education, to the war in Iraq.

Afterward, he addressed September's ice raids, which resulted in the detaining of several illegal immigrants working at local fast food restaurants.

"What they've done is they come in and disrupt families," says Edwards. "And that's not the way to deal with the immigration issue. We should deal with it through complete immigration reform."

Edwards says the U.S. needs to strengthen its southern borders, but does not favor fencing off the entire area.

He's calling for a policy that would require anyone living in this country to learn to speak English.

Several of the undecided voters who attended the event say they're still not sure who they'll ultimately end up voting for.