Small Sparks Casino Closes

The Mint casino in Sparks has closed for business, throwing a couple dozen employees out of work just before the Christmas holiday season.

A note was posted on the Mint's back door Friday, saying the small casino on the city's main drag had been closed.

Owner Carl Giudici (jew-duh-see) wrote in the note that it was - in his words - "a difficult, but necessary business decision."

The building had been leased by the city of Sparks to Giudici, who had run it since 1984.

Mayor Geno Martini says the aging building probably would be torn down to make way for the city's downtown redevelopment efforts.

Martini says the roof was not in great shape and that's probably one of the reasons for the closure.

Some employees say they were upset because they were not told
before Friday about the closure.

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