Candlelight Vigil for Suicide Victims

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A state official says Nevada is among the states with the highest rate of suicide. At the First United Methodist Church in Reno, people gathered to remember those lost and raise awareness about the issue.

Poems were read and candles lit for those who took their own lives.
Pictures of suicide victims were displayed, among them was a picture of Mike Mann. His mother, Rosie Mann, says his suicide was out of the blue -- Mike had just gotten a promotion, and was an avid skier and outdoors-man.

"Every time I pass Mount Rose and see the shoots, I can still see Mike doing down those shoots," Rosie said.

The candles are lit to honor those lost.
Even though there's despair, there's hope that more public education about suicide will encourage others to get help.

"Just having everybody not be so afraid to walk up and say, you know: 'you're looking kind of depressed, how are you feeling, I'm worried about you, what can I do to help you?,' Janett Massolo of the Crisis Call Center said.

The Crisis Call Center says the size of its support group is small, even though Nevada has traditionally one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

"We are a huge state which has a lot of isolation and vastness between families and one of the protective factors for suicide is connectedness," State Suicide Prevention Coordinator Misty Allen said.

An official says there are at least five suicide support groups statewide. She says that includes groups in Reno, Elko and Las Vegas.

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