Pack Hoops Becoming A Big Trend

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The Wolfpack's fan base has expanded big time since Nevada's Cinderella season in 2004. And after years of scarce crowds on opening night, Lawlor is exploding with enthusiasm.

"It's a new era," says Brett Sibayan, a season-ticket holder. "And it looks like an exciting team."

Sibayan bought his season tickets five years ago, just before Wolfpack basketball really took off. He says even then, tickets were hard to
come by, but nothing compares to what's going on right now.

"It's even more difficult to get tickets," says Sibayan. "That's a good sign for the team and a good sign for the community."

The excitement surrounding this year's team was evident an hour and a half before the game when people were lining up outside Lawlor itching to get their first taste of the Pack.

Ed Heddy is getting ready for his first season as a basketball season ticket holder after years of supporting the football program.

"We're starting to recruit some of our local guys," says Heddy. "And to those of us who are from here, it's really exciting to see our local players."