General Election Preparations

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Final preparations are underway for tomorrow's general election.
Today, the new electronic voting machines were brought to 118 different polling places in Washoe County.
There's 11-hundred-70 machines.
Late this afternoon, only about 50 were still at the county warehouse.
These are the machines that were used for early voting, and the data needs to be saved before the machines can be used in the general election.
Once the machines are hooked up to each polling place...they have to be tested.
That means making sure they're working properly and there aren't any totals on the machines from early voting.
Also that the printer unit, which keeps a record of the vote, works as well.
It's going to take a little bit longer to vote this year...because of the number of candidates and issues on the ballot.
Election officials encourage everyone to bring in their pre-marked sample ballots to speed up the process...also, if there's a misspelling with your name they can check it with your sample ballot.
Even though early voting is over, we should tell you it's not too late to turn in your absentee ballot.
Election officials say it has to be in their hands, at the registrar's office, no later than 7 tomorrow night.
If it's mailed and postmarked tomorrow, your vote may not be counted.