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Halloween is coming to an end for another year, but not without a full weekend of festivities.
Many Halloween traditions are based on the dead.
According to ancient Celtic legends dating back to the 5th century BC, the spirits of those who died the year before would come out to search for living souls on October 31. To protect themselves, people would dress in costume and parade around the neighborhood.
Fast forward a couple hundred years, and thousands of people were doing the same thing in Northern Nevada tonight...
Ghoulish souls were certainly trying to come back to life in front of the governor's mansion...adding to the fright factor for the thousands of trick or treaters that stopped by.
In Nevada, the Governor's Halloween tradition has been something of an institution for as long as people can remember.
Kids of all ages and sizes paraded themselves in all sorts of costumes...from the cute to the creepy.
As history goes, Americans began celebrating Halloween in the 1840s, the traditions were borrowed from Irish settlers.
Trick-or-treating supposedly came from a 9th century European custom of begging for souls' cakes. The more cakes, the more prayers were said...the more prayers, the faster a soul could reach heaven.
The goodies still seem to be everyone's favorite part of the holiday...
We checked in with local police who told us they've had a busy weekend...but with rather minor, halloween related incidents...some mailbox bashing and pumpkin throwing. The Sheriff's office also told us that in years past, the weekend has been notorious for fatal car accidents...but this year, none so far.