Wesley Clark rallied for John Kerry in Reno

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Wesley Clark, John Kerry's former competitor in the Democratic primary, squeezed in one last campaign visit in Reno on behalf of the Massachusetts Senator on Saturday, October 30, 2004.
In his 40 minute speech on national security, the retired Four-Star General for the US Army made a point to recognize the veterans in the largely Democratic audience.
General Clark told the voters that to be successful in military affairs, a President must utilize three tool sets: military, political and diplomatic.
"Bush only used one and that's the military. And he didn't give our military leadersenough troops," Clark said. Senator Kerry, he argued, has the sound judgement and global perspective to be a more effective commander in chief.
Clark also said, "I think John Kerry has a sense of empathy and a way of respecting other that will help bind the Democrats together. George Bush didn't have that."
Many people in the audience were former Clark supporters when he was still in the presidential running, but now staunchly support Kerry.
A former Clark supporter Cindy Trigg said, "I am 100% behind John Kerry. I got to know John Kerry when Wesley Clark threw his support behind him. I like to do my research on the candidates and issues and I couldn't be happier with the candidate we have."
In his closing words, General Clark implored the audience to vote on the serious issues of the election, not on character or partisan politics.