Lawyer Influx

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Poll watchers have been in the background in Nevada elections for years. They will be there again this year. There will be more of them and their role has a higher profile this year. You can credit fallout from the 2000 election and the close presidential race for that development. Both parties say they will have representatives at most polling places Tuesday. They will be there just in case. That doesn't mean they will have much to do.
Chris Wicker, Democratic Party Lawyer, " We're organized to assist voters if there are any problems, but just the fact that so much attention has been paid to making sure everyone who wants to vote gets to vote, we don't expect there will be any problems."
For their part the Republicans say...contrary to earlier reports they don't plan to challenge voters. They too expect a problem and controversy free election in Nevada.
Nevada law permits the parties to have certified poll watchers. Of course, they are not allowed to do any electioneering or interfere with the voting process.