Coal Plants Won't Pay, Sierra Club Official Says

With support growing for renewable energy, Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope says Nevada stands out as a lonely outpost for coal-plant development in the Southwest.

Pope says Nevada runs the risk of committing to costly coal-fired power plants that are burdened with expensive federal regulations and that emit massive amounts of carbon dioxide, which scientists say leads to global warming.

He points to plans by LS Power Group to build a 1,600-megwatt coal-fired power plant near Ely, a Sierra Pacific Resources proposal to construct a 1,500-megawatt coal plant near Ely and Sithe Global Power's plan to build a 750-megawatt plant near Mesquite.

Although advocates contend coal is a low-cost power source, Pope
argues that coal power will prove more expensive than solar thermal
power plants. He expects Congress to enact a law that regulates carbon dioxide emissions, making coal power more expensive.

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