Judge Rules in Favor of Gammick

A federal judge has rejected claims by a former Washoe County sheriff's detective that Washoe District Attorney Richard Gammick retaliated against him.

Judge Roger Hunt ruled that Rene Botello failed to prove that Gammick and Assistant District Attorney John Helzer intentionally retaliated against him for challenging the accuracy of child abuse reports by a unit of the prosecutor's office.

The six-day trial ended November fifth.

Gammick called the ruling a fair shake.

Botello's lawyer, Diane Vaillancourt, said the ruling would be appealed.

The lawsuit filed in 2003 claimed Gammick and Helzer violated Botello's First Amendment right to free speech when Gammick said he would never use Botello as a witness for the prosecution in any cases.

In his order, Hunt wrote that there was credible evidence that either defendant defamed Botello.