Education First Question Stirs Controversy

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Is it important to pay for education before funding any other part of the state budget?
That's one question Nevada voters are being asked to decide this election.
Question One.. otherwise known as "Education First".. would amend the state constitution to *require* lawmakers to fund our K-12 public schools.. before funding any other portion of the state budget.
You may remember the budget deadlock of the 2003 legislative session.
It took the full 120 day regular session.. and two special sessions to pass a more than 800-million dollar tax package.
As a result.. schools throughout the state were forced to hold off hiring teachers until late July.
The "Education First" initiative aims to change that.
Former state legislator says it's a voice saying, "don't do this to our children, or parents or our teachers ever again."
But.. according to the Washoe County Educator's Association.. Question One doesn't go far enough.
"It's a political gimmick more than anything else," says Educator's Assn. official Lynn Warne. " It doesn't matter when you fund it, you need to fund it appropriately."
"It's very important that we give them all the tools they need to help our students."
Question One does have bipartisan support.