Ballot Question 7 Explained.

Our preview of Nevada's statewide ballot questions continues with a look at one question that may seem *odd at first reading.
A vote yes on Question 7 needs only to be approved once by Nevada voters to change the constitution.
Question Seven asks Nevada voters to amend the constitution's wording concerning potential voters.
Currently the Constitution prohibits any quote: "idiot or insane person" from voting and refer to them instead as quote: "a person who has been adjudicated mentally incompetent, unless restored to legal capacity."
A vote for passage of this amendment would change the wording so that it is recognized in both legal and medical texts.
Those who are against its passage argue the constitution should not be changed to accomodate terminology that is outdated. They also believe "mentally incompetent" would create a legal classification that could prevent a person from voting even if his mental condition does not affect his ability to vote.
But there's a second part to Question Seven which also affects the state constitution.
Currently it states that United States Senators are elected by Nevada's Legislature. That is counter to the U-S Constitution's 17th amendment. That amendment says U-S Senators are elected and fill vacancies though a vote of the people.
Secretary of State Dean Helle says its an obsolete portion of our constitution allowing the legislature to select our U.S. Senator clearly went on the wayside when the federal governments and the states approved amendment 17 allowing that to be a vote of the people. So its just kind of a clean up language.
Arguements against the U-S Senate appointment within Nevada contend there is no need to repeal Section 34 Article 4 of the Constition because it is obvisously superseded by the 17th Amendment of the U-S Constitution